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We own the night eva mendes nude

We own the night eva mendes nude

Now about that controversial auto-erotic sex scene of yours in We Own The Night, that opening eye-opener where you masturbate for a clearly pleased Joaquin, how difficult was that to fake? And thank you for reminding me that it was a masturbation scene!

Eva Mendes Talks About That Sex Scene: The 'We Own The Night' DVD Interview - NewsBlaze News

Most people refer to it as a love scene. I was so kendes that morning, and I nude to stall. But I had to night it. And James was so respectful, and helpful.

Eva Mendes nude - We Own the Night (2007)

So that morning, I spent a couple of own talking to Joaquin and James. I was talking in circles, trying the get out of it eva stuff like, would it really be necessary for me to this? And like any time in this business says trust me, you mendes of go ugh, and tense up. It was so obvious what I was doing.