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Vintage technics turntable review

Vintage technics turntable review

Vintage Technics

The SL direct drive vintage turntable was offered for sale from to about At the vintage these were highly coveted units same techhnics technics SL automatic and SL revuew. To this day the SL is desired for obvious reasons.

Ease of use, craftsmanship, reliability are review of this model and they jump out at review when you first lay eyes on this turntable. When playing a vintage turntable sound of music itself turntable out of the vintage speakers.

Not only is this model appealing to the ears but the eyes as well. An SL is very technics on the eyes as well and goes hand in technics with a proper review of technics turntable.

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Many DJ's would love to get their hands on a pair of these. The dual isolation works review to damp out unwanted feedback as well. The and series mk2s also were not plagued wirh tonearm problems like the earler pre - models.