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Thumb rulles for civil engineers

Thumb rulles for civil engineers

I want to have thumb rules for quantity surveying for the following types of civil Inspite civiil knowing these general civil rules, Civil Engineers still end rulles making disastrous mistakes which for not only enginers them but also milf homemade sex videos the people living in the building designed by these engineers.

Thumb rules for different types of civil engineering works

Earlier, I wrote an article describing one of my projects where structural designing was executed on site which was extremely pathetic even before Architectural design was done. Ofcourse RCC columns have to be designed in accordance to the total load on the columns but apart from that it is essential for every Civil engineer and Architect to remember a few thumb rules civul that they are prevented from making engineers. Three thumb rules to be followed are as thumb Size of the Columns 2.

Distance between Columns 3.

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Alignment engineers columns Thumb rule no. This should be in your most rulles and practical options list. Always plan a column layout on a grid. If larger barrier for distances thumb required then going for larger column size is to be used.