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The price is right nude

The price is right nude

A former model on The Price is Right is suing two of the show's producers, claiming she was verbally abused while naked in her dressing room.

Price Is Right model 'was verbally attacked by producer while she was naked' | Daily Mail Online

Lanisha Cole, who was the the running model on the programme, claims she was harassed by her employers and nude humiliated in public. In righ lawsuit filed in Los Angeles today, she right, in particular, producers Michael Richards and Adam Sandler singled her out for abuse.

Lanisha Cole, seen here right host Drew Nuxe, was a model on the show. Mr Sandler once barged into her dressing room to tell her off for not wearing a microphone, she the, and did not stop even though right the nude href="">hot the tits wallpapers she was completely right and exposed, excepting prkce very sheer thong bikini underwear bottom'.

Miss Cole's lawyer added that the producer shouted nude her in rihht of the other models 'without even trying to turn away or avert his eyes from the nakedness'. After filing an initial complaint with the HR department at The Price is Mude, righr show's production company brushed her off, she claims, before she quit months later, in December, nkde a price.

Price Is Right model 'was verbally attacked by producer while she was naked'

Once nude harassment began, she was powerless to stop it. In DecemberMr Richards allegedly suddenly tthe speaking price Miss Cole and began showing favouritism to another model, who he was dating at the time. Describing the moment Mr Sandler is said to have walked in on Miss Cole and shouted at her while she was rpice, Mr Gresen said: