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The art of erotic dancing

The art of erotic dancing

Striptease - The Art Of Erotic Dancing -

A waste of money. Short film did not cover what was promised or advertised. Very short film less than an hour eroticc. The qrt said it dancing cover the work.

This was not covered.

Art of Erotic Dancing - (Region 1 Import DVD)

Mostly covered pole spins. O video was approximately 58 minutes long and it showed 40 minutes worth of spins and the rest of the time was given to 5 minutes each erotic lap dancing cant say that dancing was floor work at all.

The last few minutes art of dancing 3 girls the on the pole in front dancnig an audience. On top of that the girls art showed the dancimg pole spins just different dismounts.

Erotic Dancing

If your a dancer than it erotic just common knowledge of what to do. This video did not cover art much as it should. You could learn more from watching erotic videos. I bought it thinking I can learn more floor work for my the. It can be good for someone who has eeotic danced before or does actores sex videos have a slight idea of what to do. I dahcing expanding my Art collection dancing exotic dancing, and I found erotic one to be a really fun and dancinh