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T maxx 3 3 transmission adjustment

T maxx 3 3 transmission adjustment

Traxxas TMAXX 2.5 Transmission adjustment

Results 1 to 13 of To the problem, due it having all thoose clutches, and i want to adjust the shift point via cum on my ass com hole in the case. I turn the spurgear til the notch is vissible, hold the spur, but the adjustment screw cant get vissible, due the transmission will not move, when moving the truck. How then to get the hole's alligned??

A set of plyers, and turning the shaft from the outside, or how???

Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 4907 Manual Page 25

Shaft is the one i mean. It comes out the back of the tranny adjustment In the black tranny you have a plug over a tranwmission at the top. As transmission turn the primary output maxx you will see there are "TWO" screws. One is a set screw and should be tight and also sits dead center onto the shaft.