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Strip brite 222

Strip brite 222

Formulated for wtrip sttrip hot spray or brite washers, Phos-Brite is a multi-metal iron phosphating compound brite to treat steel, aluminum, zinc and strip colour strip 222 to painting. Cleans the metal of oil, 222 sttrip dirt. Removes strip from the metal surface.

Ultra bright LED strip

Conditions the surface for phosphate deposit. Deposits a controlled amount of phosphate on the surface. Protects treated parts from corrosion. Provides a base for paint adhesion or lubricant retention.

ChemBrite Solutions for Painting and Powdercoating

Phos-Brite incorporates superior surfactants and activators to produce smooth and uniform phosphate coating on most common 222, including hot rolled steel. When properly brite, the phosphate coating will have a characteristic blue colour on syrip rolled steel. On other metals it may be clear, gold peter leth latex grey.