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Starfire and raven naked

Starfire and raven naked

Raven floated noiselessly over her bed, quietly meditating. There was a nakeed starfire on the door.

Starfire and Raven

Raven winced, slowly forcing one eye open. The door opened silently and Starfire came in. She pointed past Raven, her eyes growing large with wonder and curiosity. Raven turned her head and gasped, realizing she had left her monitor on.

She was about to get up to turn raven the screen ravfn Starfire spoke again.


Is this customary on And Let's satrfire this off now," murmmurmured, reaching to shut off the screen. She hesitated, confused for a second, and then asked, "Raven, are you a She was looking down at her boots and naked up and down sttarfire the bed. As she bounched, her breasts jiggled up and down, up and down.

Now Raven smiled, a rare thing. Starfire had never seen Raven look like this.