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Spartan travel trailer vintage

Spartan travel trailer vintage

Spartan travel trailers were manufactured from to by the Spartan Aircraft Company.

Spartan Manor and Spartanette Trailer Pictures, from

Owned by one of the richest men in America at the time, J. Paul Getty spared no expense in the creation trailer these high quality travel trailers. They were built with the same techniques used in the manufacturing vintage their spartan. The result was some travel the highest quality travel trailers available, and their price reflected that. Just bought a Spartan, not sure of vintage age?????


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Royal Mansion Vin 35 14 Approx. Can someone help me with the date manufactured? Spartan Royal Mansion, serial: There are Spartan trailers being advertised on the internet trailer manufactured in the 80s. Does anyone know if there is any relationship between these and the original Spartans? :: Vintage Campers, Vintage Trailers, Vintage Parts, Vintage Restorations

Spartan started out building airplanes and built many during WW2. Travel the war, demand for airplanes plumeted, spartan Spartan started building trailers to take advantage of the aluminium and other aircraft building materials they still had in stock, and the skills of their current employees. Spartan trailers were built in the spattan hangars that they had built airplanes.