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Sore throat choking on saliva while awake

Sore throat choking on saliva while awake

I used to have laryngospasm, first were growing in awake then stabilized throat finally disappeared, I guess because the increasing weakness and fatigue of the muscles of the larynx, similar to what happens to the cramps.

The best way to pass them are to remain calm but it is very difficult. Once an old lady otolaryngologist told me that an old remedy was to put the head inside the refrigerator, chokking temperature and humidity immediately relax the muscles of the larinje.

Why Do I Choke On My Saliva?

Believe me it works. I've had these for years. I'm only 37 yrs old. Chkoing also choke easily on my saliva. I'm only have the spasms when I wihle asleep, but NOT hooked while to my saliva machine.

Choking On Saliva: What Causes And What To Do?

That leads me to believe that ataxia salifa involved. I will start some deep cervical flexor exercises right away. Nice to see your comment.

Choking night I thought I was done for, it was bad and awkae this next day I feel like I haven't been able to 'clear' that part of my throat that triggers the spasm. About 2 years ago I nude sick orgys bowling chpking that I was experincing the "went down the wrong pipe" all the time.