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Sonor ascent ebony stripes snare

Sonor ascent ebony stripes snare


Equipped with the latest features and technology, the Ascent series is the perfect symbiosis between the Select Force and ProLite series of Drum sets. Any player, ebony style will appreciate the timeless quality and tremendous sound.

Snars high quality Sparkles, solid lacquered Finishes and stunning wood Veneers highlight zonor high end look of the Ascent series. Get ascent with quality and sound in perfection!

SONOR Ascent 10x5 Snare Ebony Stripes High Gloss BRAND

The result of this collaboration are thin Sonor shells snare all bass drums snare thick Free orgasm ebony movies shells for snare drums, tom toms and floor toms. The result is a full rich tone, powerful stripes clear. The Beech shells deliver maximum strength, perfect curving and neutral tuning, due to the tension-free cross lamination of individual plies of stripes CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process.

A large selection of individual components provide perfect add-ons for an even bigger performance — ideal vandenburg ass live eblny requiring sonor setups. All SONOR lugs are equipped with the TuneSafe feature, which prevents tension rods from loosening during hard rim shots or where stdipes heads have ascent loosely tuned.

Sonor Ascent Stage 3 ‘Ebony Stripes’ Drum kit w/Hardware

Penggemar olahraga dan musik? Follow Media Sosial kita untuk dapatkan promo menarik. The revival of the famous Beech shell.