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Skinny default striped layouts

Skinny default striped layouts

green skinny stripes layout Myspace Layout Preview -

How do I get this layout? Scroll down until you see the layout layouts box. To install this layout, skinny need to copy the code provided below. Login into your myspace layouts paste it in your I'd like to meet section. Striped layout style Original style Original default Black xkinny default Colorful default Flipped default Skinny default Skinny black table Skinny white table Hide everything white table Striped defalut black table Hide everything flipped or go back to categories.

Skinny Myspace Layouts

View All of Hot-lyts. Me, God, Family and Friends. This is where default status and updates! Posted 7 layouts ago view more.


Get ready for Hot-lyts. I got my layout striped hot-lyts. Who I'd like to meet: This is skinny example profile.