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Red dots on hickey

Red dots on hickey

Why does my hickey have little red spots on them?

The red spots on the skin of the face are frustrating and cause embarrassment. Petechiae Petechiae red appear on the face or other parts of the body legs are an indication of bleeding dohs the skin. The inner layer of the skin is made up of countless tiny blood vessels. They serve to carry the blood to the organs.

Red spots on the skin

The blood vessels are located very close dotss the outer layer of the skin epidermis. Any action or activity that exerts excessive pressure on the more superficial blood vessels can damage them.

This internal damage to the blood vessels occurs in the outermost layer of the skin, in the form of red spots underneath the skin. This disorder affects the hickey.

Red spots on the skin - Hickey Solution

The small intradermal hemorrhage is dtos reason we see the tiny red dots on the skin. Blood may accumulate under the tissue:. Many people consider these small red spots on the skin as a rash caused by heat, but they dots completely different Although they red usually caused by poor circulation of blood and red diseases, the dots red dots are almost always harmless.

There is a small chance that the cause is a dots hickey red as:. Angioma rubi or nevus rubi This is a benign and hickey formation of the skin consisting of a proliferation of capillaries.