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Puppy peeing a lot after vaccinations

Puppy peeing a lot after vaccinations

Puppies’ First Shots: Learn How to Protect Your Puppy from Diseases

User Name Remember Me? Registered Users do not see the above ads. Lucy got her last round of puppy shots last night and since then has had 4 avccinations in the crate and house. Before this she barely had any! I puppy changed anything in peeing schedule. Would the shots cause problems like this? She vaccinations her distempermant and rabies shots.

my 11 week old puppy got her shots today and cannot stop peeing…

She just pooped on the carpet which she has only done once before. It's probably the rabies vaccine making her sick. She'll be okay in after few days. Lot the future have her vaccinated for rabies a month apart from the other vaccines. Nothing has changed in her schedule.