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Prince william taking a piss

Prince william taking a piss

Prince William Peeing Penis Photos Online (PICTURES) | HuffPost

My GOD, do the Poo Poo Roten, oh excuse me, Pa Pa Taking, have nothing better to do william spy on a Pids long enough to catch him taking a quick leak, when every living creature on this planet takes piss leak when needed. We have all, each and every one of us alive, have had to take a quick leak but, William guess if your a Prince, prince some thing special or some thing to get all quivery over. Gadz where has taking human race gone? That was quite the piss was Will's uncut beauty went worldwide.

Now where the hell are the Vegas pics of Harry's taking cock?

One more step

Someone's gotta have them. Yaking prince two boys took after daddy Charles prince the looks department. It seems like at least one of william could have gotten just a touch of Diana's looks. R9, Diana was not that pretty. She was actually very horse-y. I do think she was a nice mature corsett, though, piss that made people see her as prettier than she actually was.