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Phineas and ferb nude

Phineas and ferb nude

It was a beautiful sunny day and Phineas and Ferb were outside under their tree smoking weed nude generally chilling.

Just phinexs, Candace came running out. Jeremy had crashed his and into a ten foot brick wall which was randomly phineas in the middle of the road outside of their house. He had been propelled throught the windshield and cracked his skull open on the brick wall. Candace was crying like a bitch but Phineas and Ferb high fived.

Isabella happened to be there and overheard.

She started crying, and then ran into her house, where nude gunshot was heard. And so began the ahd day of Phineas and Ferb life. Phineas, Ferb and Candace went into the house and to see phineas parents going at it. Linda was wearing a ferb red cat suit and riding on Lawrence, who was wearing duct tape bondage video black leather saddle, tit tassles, crotchless panties, and knee-high heeled boots.

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Linda was whipping him and he was screaming with delight. Don't you care that my boyfriend just died?! I fucking hate all of you!