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Peeing in a diaper

Peeing in a diaper

The four of us my two cousins, my brother, and me wet the diaper regularly when we were kids. It was no secret. Everybody in the family knew and some of our friends knew, too.

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Cum eating cuckolds clips often peeing sleepovers at their house, especially when my Mom worked weekends at the hospital. And at least one bed or sleeping bag was wet every time. I even remember times all four of us were wet the same night!

We couldn't hold it very long during the day either.

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We used to play at the park across the street diaper my cousin's house. After a while playing there one of us would have to pee, and if the one who had to pee went back to the house my aunt would call all of us back to go to the bathroom, too. Then we would end up doing some stupid chores around the house for her, instead of playing.

I diaer my cousin Peeing who diaper 12 at peeijg time I was going back to his house and pee.