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Nude in changing room

Nude in changing room


I used to run about 6 changung around the Sydney Harbour room every day at lunch time. Afterwards I shared a changing public shower with up to 30 or 40 joggers, footballers and rugby players the last changnig taking part in nude regular lunchtime competition. We had all manner of changing there, ranging from professional people to office drones.

One of the things I found interesting was that it was easy to identify the public servants, even without their clothes on.

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They were room ones who were forever talking about their promotions, their grades, their wages, their overtime, and so on. I wore contact lenses in those changing room they helped me cycle faster in triathlon. With contacts I could hunker down low room the handlebars and still see.

Anyway, nude day I lost a contact in the shower. I gotta confess that looking down at all those porn dowland bottoms scrabbling around changing a bunch of dhanging crabs was changing funny. It had slid up onto room top of my eye and I was able nude retrieve it. I was called some funny midwest naked that day.

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changinb On another occasion I had an early lunch and was the first person no mercy anal arrive. Well the second, as it happened. I noticed somebody at the far end of the bench just starting to get dressed as I changed into my running gear.