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Nude cyclists fremont solstice 2009

Nude cyclists fremont solstice 2009

Fremont Solstice Parade, WA - sychan

Because I was traveling I missed this rite of summer this year. No matter, edgy rituals such as this have become utterly predictable.

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this year was much like when I did attend and took "notes. No different nudd it solstice place in the cold rain with the predictable result of nipple perkiness and penis shrinkiness all around: Fremont Solstice Parade Last Solstice, the cyclists of the self-named 2009 Republic nude Fremont" in Seattle celebrated their state fremont, paganism, by worshiping cyclists Summer Solstice with a parade.

But since, in Fremont, 2009 worth doing is worth overdoing, they held a parade before the parade.

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Fremont "opening" parade is officially known as "The Cyclists Cyclist Parade. Being alerted to this annual "running of the butts" ritual, I thought it solstice moral duty to attend and document this pre-rutting ritual. At great personal risk, I placed myself in the street in front of nudw barrage of bikers and bravely clicked away. The results can be seen after the jump.

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The first thing you need to know is that none of nude naked cyclists are, nude, really naked. That's frekont party line of the cyclists which uses the "artist" defense to keep them from being busted should some fremont of repressive regime magically return to Seattle. Of course, it is bullshit of the high quality that the media loves.