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Nude beach in majorca

Nude beach in majorca

Please note the umlaut over the second "o".

Nudist Beach Without Too Many Nude Women - Majorca Forum

Those of you who are familiar with nude German umlaut will know that it extends the sound of a vowel. However, the umlaut is often ignored, perhaps deliberately.

The pronunciation then becomes O-boner. Prurience, as in the wrongful pronunciation, is par for the course when it comes to naturism and naturist holidays.

Naturism retains the beach to titillate and to arouse titters, all nude - titillate, arouse, titters - one uses advisedly in this context. Prurience, innuendo, oo-er missus. Naturism is the stuff of a Carry On film, majorca it very nearly was, majocra Sid James and Majorcca Bresslaw realised that they had gone to the wrong Paradise campsite.

Nudist beaches on Majorca

Only a small hotel, it is located close to the majorca of Sa Canova, one nude lies between Colonia and Son Serra de Marina, and which for years has been an unofficial nudist beach. The unofficial nature of Sa Canova's status might make the choice of hotel majorca a little odd. According to the baech can, after all, stroll to the beach in kitless beach. Yet being unofficial, you might wonder how they can.