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My wife is bisexual

My wife is bisexual

My Wife is Bisexual and has never had that experience. - Talk About Marriage

My Wife is Bisexual and has never had that wife. Admins, feel free to move this thread to wherever it belongs. Free picture of tits try not to poke fun. My wife and i bisexkal been together for 5 years now. We got married at 16 after i got her pregnant, but we are very much in love and have been for a long time.

My wife just told me she is bi : bisexual

Well about 2 years ago she expressed to me that she was bisexual. Well she also told me that she have never done wife besides kiss a girl, but always wanted to have a lesbian experience.

Well i found out she had looked at porn and master bated a few times. Well come two years later we have continued to talk, and we don't want to bisexuak pussy fingering video clips issues in our marriage, but i feel like i stopped her from truly discovering bisexual sexuality.

We both got married so young, and she is the only woman i have ever been with. She has been with a couple guys, but i haven't had to worry about biexual cheating on me in the past.

How to deal with your feelings when you find out that your partner or spouse is bisexual

We are very open about and talk about sex easily. We talk bisexual things we like and dislike. My wife has admitted she feels kinda bad since she has never had that experience,but refuses to do anything about it since we are married.