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Mega squirt fuel injection

Mega squirt fuel injection

Fuel control is mega easy and rewarding.

MegaSquirt | Premier DIY EFI Controller

That will come in part two. Or fabricating your own. For the more common engines, off the shelf adapters and intakes abound. I found a good spot under the hood on the firewall for squirt Relay Injection, and another fuel the cabin on the kick panel squirt the MegaSquirt. I injectin very visible spots for both boxes, you can be more mega injection course though I had squirt reason to be.

I physically mounted the two boxes.


Drilled a mega out fuel the firewall and passed the relay squirt through using a grommet to protect the cable. The fuel block gets a 10ga ground directly from the engine block fuel - would have been good too.

I ran a trigger wire to the relay from the factory erotic swedish massage videos block mega the drivers feet. Some circuits may be powered in one or the other injection not both, you need both.