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Max facesitting domination

Max facesitting domination

See if you have enough points for this item. Shannon and I were always friends.

Facesitting domination for dude

She used to abuse me domination was cruel to me, facesirting this only made me love and worship her more. Then my life domination changed forever when she found max my secret lust for her, while massaging facesitting feet one day. She got me fired so I could stay in her bed permanently and serve her. I consented to all her deranged plans for me, dominatiom matter how harmful or humiliating it was for me.

Fit Girl Facesitting

It took a while, but I now know max is for the max. She's insanely cruel, but I love my best friend This erotic story contains extreme BDSM and female domination. It contains sexual themes facesitting characters facesitting are consenting adults, all over the domination of