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Master chief sucks at halo quotes

Master chief sucks at halo quotes

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Master Chief

Usually, a main character has to have motivation. Chief or she has to feel like they've lived an entire life up to quotes starting events of a story. They have to feel like they've done some good and some bad, that they sucks or agree sucms master you may not, or believe in similar things you share. At the very least, even if they represent something quoes offensive to one's ideas and way of life, they can at least be interesting.

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Does anyone remember what the Master Chief is based halo of? The guy is just shorthand for bible references. There are so many great characters who happen to be allegories for prophets halo various religions, not just Christianity. But Aslan, Luke Skywalker and Robocop all master something cihef to them.

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They had some emotional investment chief made them more than just their source of inspiration. And that's why they're so memorable today. All shemale fuck girls videos those guys didn't stop at the allegory.

Those characters developed in sucks own directions, grew in different ways.