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Light pink blood when i wipe after peeing

Light pink blood when i wipe after peeing

Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Mental Health Anxiety Depression. My period then came sept 15th.

Light blood (pink) in urine and on toilet paper after wipe

I too am 20 and am having nearly th exact same happen to me. I have a little painwhen i pee, and need to pee more often than usual. It could be just spotting. I've spotted between periods and it's not abnormal.

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I don't know exactly why aftsr it's certainly possible. If I'm not on birth control, when I have my period, I tend to spot a few days, sometimes a week before hand. Hey guys I've also experienced the same thing.

Bleeding only during urination – is this a period or not? I can't tell!

I had sex then took the morning after pill a couple hours later. I'm on birth control but my periods are irregular still. My boyfriend and i started to freak out so as tolled by ginger fucked looked up how to get your period and it said parsely tea.

So we did that and that night Wi;e aftrr pee and wiped pink blood.