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Laura surrich nude scenes

Laura surrich nude scenes

It was everything fans of the swords-and-sandals genre could have expected from Bitch Slap director Rick Jacobson and scenes Sam Raimi. The slave girl part may not have been a speaking role, but it did get tongues wagging about the busty starlet playing her, especially on this site.

Laura Surrich Nude

Did you know the role would be as racy as it was when you nude auditioned sjrrich it? What were rachel nichols nude sex thoughts about laura nude for the part? The nude laua of course I was a bit nervous about, but having all the others around me also nude really did normalise the scene for me.

Walk us through the filming of that particular scene.

Laura Surrich nude

What was it like? Well, obviously for the sake of us naked actors, surrich wanted to shoot it nice and quick.

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The crew did an amazing job looking after us, keeping us surricb in between takes. Do you get offered a lot of roles requiring nudity at this stage in your career?