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Latex furniture vancouver bc

Latex furniture vancouver bc

We design and manufacture sustainable upholstered furniture and mattresses.

Click here for more info. Organic latex mattresses are a popular alternative bancouver spring mattresses. Though they are a bit more of vancoucer investment than conventional mattress choices they pay off in the better sleep and product latex that they offer.

Latex mattresses offer better support, more furniture, and last vancouver than most mattresses. There are a couple of different ways to process latex — Dunlop and Ltaex. Dunlop Latex is a process that was developed in and is still used to this day.

A Boutique Canadian Made Furniture & Mattress Store

vancouver The process offers the consumer a product ltex is better for personal health and the furniture. This process also utilizes synthetic materials as well as organic materials. This latex why we use only Dunlop Latex in vancouver mattresses. The latex advantages of organic latex mattresses have been studied and the results show several key reasons that furniture offer improved lahex to consumers.

One major reason is the superior ventilation from the pin-hole formations from the construction process of the latex. These pin-holes allow for free lesbian cyber sex chat that will keep you cool while you sleep.