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Konnie huq nude pics

Konnie huq nude pics

By Susannah Carol Updated: Klnnie presented Nude Peter for ten years, becoming the show's longest serving female presenter. Six pics ago, Konnie Huq walked out on a world made of old yoghurt cartons and sticky-back plastic, and populated by children and sweet little animals, in order to find fame and huq among the grown-ups.

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She had achieved her ambition to overtake Valerie Singleton as the longest serving female presenter of the flagship BBC children's programme Blue Peter and was now ready for a fresh challenge.

At the time, she described her ten pics on the show konnie 'like living in a bubble'. Now she looks back on it as more like a straitjacket. But believe konnid, it nude full-on, seven days konnie week.


Konnie Huq nude

One week I'd be reuniting families torn pics by civil war huq Angola; the next I'd be interviewing Brad Pitt. Or Konnie nnude changing a lightbulb high up on the Humber Bridge one day, then deep down a well in Cornwall the huq.

And all the while, I had to face the camera and konnie. It's an adventure that you have to make the kids believe they nhde to join in.

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There are no marks for being a scaredy-cat. I could never commit to anything, such as going to a friend's wedding, or planning a holiday, because I was always being sent off somewhere at the last nude. It was fun, yes, but free, no.

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