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Jessi slaughter 4chan nude pic

Jessi slaughter 4chan nude pic

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Press 'i' nude view the image gallery'v' to view the video galleryor 'r' to view a random entry. Jessi Slaughter real name: Jessica Leonhardtformerly known as KerliGirl13 [1] jessi YouTubeis a Florida teenager who became a target of a massive 4chan raid nude July after pic a public tirade against the image 4chan community in a series of YouTube videos.

The jessi quickly led to the creation of hundreds of image slaughter and remix videos mocking Slaughter and her father, who later became involved in the drama, and prompted one of the 4chan public discussions of cyberbullying jessi a serious issue in the news media. On Nude 12th, Leonhardt posted a response on StickyDrama [6]denying the claims.

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Shortly after, Leonhardt was inundated with attacks on the microblogging site Tumblr. Later that night, Leonhardt uploaded a response video in which her father warned attackers that jessi would found proclaiming "you done goofed" shown below, right.

Anonymous nure uncovered her personal information including phone number, address pic her Twitter account. People soon began flooding the Leonhardt' household with prank calls shown below, left and hate e-mails.

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In a Stickam video uploaded 4chan July 15th shown pic, rightJessi is seen answering the phone during one of the prank calls. Following the relentless waves of harassment carried out by the trollsJessi posted a tearful response slaughter on YouTube, in which her father Gene Leonhardt suddenly comes into the shot adult height weght chart delivers an angry rant.

Unwittingly, he delivered a highly exploitable speech that quickly became adapted into catchphrases and image macros including " You done goofed," "backtraced," "cyberpolice," and "consequences will never be the same.