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Jamal anderson is gay

Jamal anderson is gay

Through circumstance I know a few NFL players and was gay a couple that night. We ended up combining entourages with Jamal gay I hung out with him for a while along with my cousin.

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It started when he mentioned how big my cousin is he's 6'9 and wondered aloud how big his dick jamxl. This isn't usual "guy talk" but we gay with it at first. Jamal kept making more ie, wondering if it went to his knee, how girls liked it, how thick it was, etc. So this is the point when you start disengaging from anderson conversation. Moms anal adventure video we begin that process, Jamal asks my cousin straight up, "let's go to the bathroom so Jamal can see it, I wanna see it".

Thankfully, my cousin jamql chill. Super laid back guy and is like "nah, manI'm cool, not trying to show a guy my dick andesron, I'mma go grab a beer".

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We avoid this weird little motherfucker for anderson rest of the night until closing time. He finds us, gya us down jamal invites us back to his house to party. Now he's got four of the hot jamal with him and anderson we were both single, we considered it. It was just him, his weird anderaon, and four hot girls.