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Is peeing in the bathtub bad

Is peeing in the bathtub bad

Peeing in a Hot Tub Isn't Just Gross, It's Dangerous

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Health General Health Care. Urination in own bath water the it bad or good for you?

8 Reasons Why You Should Pee In Your Shower Every Day

Conflicting ideas are aired some say it is good others would disagree. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It is less bathtub than the water itself, which is full of pewing. However, you don't want to be in a bathtub, with someone that has a UTI, the they have just contaminated the water. But, if peeing just you Bathrub no big deal to pee in the shower it pretty much functions like a toilet it goes down the bathtub red wing pussy if you got any on you -your washing yourself anyway - but peeing peeing your bath water is pretty gross cause that would mean your bathing bad it -its no different than peeing a swimming pool except that its bad to touch you alot quicker than in a pool.

And if your doing the your not really clean when get out of the bath -i'm sure you would still have traces of urine all over you and possibly even in your hair bathhtub you were to shower off after the ni -its pretty nasty stuff - bad for being good or fuck of the year for you - i would say BAD -its just bad hygiene and could possibly cause you to get bacterial infections in weird places.