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How to treat vaginal herpes

How to treat vaginal herpes

A number of alternative also called complementary therapies can help you deal with outbreaks of genital herpes.

Genital herpes - self-care: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

First, simple self-care may be enough to relieve most discomfort caused by genital herpes. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as aspirinacetaminophenor ibuprofencan help ease the pain of herpes symptoms. Doctors sometimes recommend soaking the affected area in nude brazilian teen girls water.

But the area should be kept dry most of the time. If toweling herpes after bathing is uncomfortable, try using a hair dryer. How put herpess cotton hod. Cotton absorbs moisture better than synthetic fabric does.

Alternative Treatments for Genital Herpes

Scientists have vaginal herbal hepes and nutritional supplements based on treat herpes patients' claims that they help relieve symptoms. Some study results have been promising, others discouraging. Many people say that an extract vaginal the echinacea plant helps boost the immune system's ability to fight herpes. Some say it decreases the frequency and severity of genital herpes outbreaks.

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