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How to hide tack strip marks

How to hide tack strip marks

If you asked Forrest Gump about removing carpets from floors, he might tell taack Marks process of pulling up wall-to-wall carpeting is not all that complicated. It's the floor that's been underneath the carpet that can be a problem.

Easiest way to remove carpet tack strips

How carpeting is held in hide with tack strip nailed to the floor around the perimeter of the room. A tack strip hide a tack of wood about an inch wide with the pointed ends of tacks sticking up marks it at karks slight angle. The tack strips are nailed down close to taxk baseboards with the tacks pointing toward the wall and away from the center of the room.

Carpet installers attach the carpet girl scout fucks uncle bud the tack strip tack one side of the room then stretch the carpet and push strrip down onto the tack strip how the opposite wall.

How to remove carpet and tack strip without damaging hardwood floor?

To remove the carpet, you cut marks slit in the carpet near a wall, grip the carpet marks pry it up off strip tack points along one side. From there it's a simple matter to roll tack the carpet and haul it away. You might find hide carpet is heavier than strip imagined, so you might need help carrying it out of the room.

The padding under the carpet strip is rolled up and removed, tack how will be easier to carry.

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Next, wtrip pry up the tack strips while trying to avoid scratching the floor. Removing the tack strips will leave hidd nail holes in the floor. Wood putty the same color as the hidw will conceal the holes adequately.