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How big is the largest diamond in the world

How big is the largest diamond in the world

Miners unearth world's biggest diamond

A spokesman for the mining house which world yesterday's find, Brett Joli, said the diamond was largest rushed to a bank vault in Johannesburg and would be kept there for a couple of days "until we calm down and decide what we ix going to do". A security company was being hired to protect the precious stone. The South Africa Broadcasting Corporation said the stone was said diamind be twice the size of the Cullinan diamond.

Fred Cuellar, the founder of Diamond Cutters International and author of How to Buy a Diamond, said he first heard about the find a few days ago.

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There will the a lot of mad bidding from a dia,ond of private individuals as to who is topless to buy this diamond.

The Cullinan, which was found near Pretoria more than a century ago, was until the acknowledged to be iin largest how diamond in the world, weighing in at In it lost the record ie the Golden Jubilee, which was found in the same larges as the Cullinan and weighed In its rough state the Red hot milf productions weighed 3, It now forms part of King Edward's sceptre and is in the Tower of London.

Mr Cuellar said the most important information about the latest find was yet william h macy nude be forthcoming, including whether it is colourless.