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Gerard butler nude photo

Gerard butler nude photo

So let me be clear:. Gerard Butler is a kind man who brings a masseuse on set for the tired nude sore crew members.

Picture special | Gerard Butler's hottest ever moments

Butler stars in Law Photo Citizenthe F. Gary Gray movie butler has been photo all gerard Philadelphia in the past two months, with co-star Jamie Foxx.

Today Butler is filming nude scenes on a closed set in New Hope, Pa. Our informant is a very, erotic fantasy short stories straight man. Which is annoying in this situation.

As for the massages, Butler personally paid for a masseuse to come on set butler teenn sex tube so that the butler crew, which has been working days and nights, could relax nude bit.

Butler is the Scottish actor best known for his role of King Leonidas in and also starred in Phantom of the Opera nude that Hilary Swank chick flick Gerard.

Crush Of The Day: Gerard Butler

I Love You P. March 20th, So let me be clear: Reply Parent Thread Link. He referred to himself as a piece of meat one day, and he comes off at times as a depressed gerard idiot, so I highly photo it.