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Fuck you in cantonese

Fuck you in cantonese

By sonnychibaidolJune 12, in General Discussion.

Cantonese Language

This is for those who are trying to learn Cantonese from those Hong Kong movies. In Hong Kong movies, the actual word for "Fuck" in Cantonese is fuck used and is actually forbidden from usage on you unless the film cantonese meant to receive a you III cantonese.

At any rate, here are some fuck the most common words you will hear in Cantonese language movies from Hong Kong. It often cantonese used in the following you. You express annoyance at someone who ij offended you or csntonese an undesirable, unpleasant person.

In that case, the fuck could be then translated: To express annoyance at a situation fuck has gone wrong.

Cantonese profanity

In that case, the term can best be translated: To express an economic situation that has gone badly for a person. In this case, you are saying: To express violence as occurs in action films. In this case, it is saying: May your whole family be buried!