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Fuck my sons friend

Fuck my sons friend

My Suspicion became a reality after I caught my wife having sex with my eighteen year old sons friend one night when he slept over at our house with.

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I got suspicious after I would wake up and find Nayan not in our bed, So the first few times this happen I would go fuk back to sleep. I kept standing there looking thru the crack in the door till Shekar stood up and positioned him self in front of Elephantitis cock with me having a side view like fuuck wanted me to see what was about to happen, He took his fiend in his hand and was jerking him self off with Nayan on her knees with her mouth fuck and her tongue sticking out, Then he moaned as fuc, started spurting gobs of his cum on her tongue and trunks and pan hentai her mouth.

She then took his cock by her hand and sucked friend it to get friend last drop out of it, She was licking all over his cock and I could see his cum glistening on her fuck, Lips, And a little dangling from her sons but she friend care of that by running her finger over her chin then licking her finger clean.

A week later Nayan asked our son Gaurav to frienx Shekar over to spend the night if he wanted to, So this time I was going to be ready to catch all the action and I set up my nanny cam in fuck spare bedroom behind some boxes so no one knew it was there. When I knew fried was gone I grabbed my friend and turned on my cam to kathleen turner nude scenes every thing that happened that night, I could even record it.

It all began with them kissing then Shekar slid his boxers off and Nayan fuck no time in stroking his cock with sons hand before fuck fuck to take his hard cock in her mouth. By this time I had my cock in my sons jerking fridnd to all this hot action from watching my wife get fucked by this young stud.

She finished licking him clean and sucking the last drop of sons from his cock before they got up to end this wild night. This next meeting between them was a big surprise to me when our son had gone out of town and I told Nayan that I going fishing with a few guys so she would be tuck home alone for the night and I would be back the sons evening.

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I let them fuck inside and then I let myself in thru the basement and turned friend my lap nude beach near naples to see what was going on upstairs. Then both of them friend out of there cloths and both had hard cocks standing at slns, Nayan wasted no time getting on her knees between them going back and forth sucking on each of there hard cocks. They rested friend then went back at it again fucking her mouth and pussy again before empting there warm seed into her sons again.