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Fuck me tied up

Fuck me tied up

Tied want you to put your dick inside me. But the problem is that you might not actually want to amature pregnant sex me like that. Although I like to imagine that you want it quick and hard fuck tid, you might want to do things more slowly — take your tied over taking me.

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How do we solve this dilemma? Well, you need to shut me up. The best restraints are the quick ones — handcuffs without pink fluff, ideally. I have never yet come across something pink and fluffy that makes vuck slick my knickersvelcro wrist and ankle cuffs, bondage tape, gaffer tape.


But any way is fine to be honest. Some people say the best thing about being restrained is the feeling of being restricted — the tightness of the rope around your wrists, ankles, chest — fuck tightness that, like the tightness of a corset, restricts your breathing slightly and makes you mildly panicky in a way that makes your fuck wet.

But I think the best thing about being restrained is that it fuckk me shut up — stop thinking — stop needing you to fuck me tied a certain way.