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Fordyce spots on the penis

Fordyce spots on the penis

What Are Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce spots are heterotopic sebaceous glands that can occur on the vermillion border of the lips, within the oral mucosa, on the penile shaft usually the ventral surface, scrotum, areolar region of the breast, and labia minora. Especially when these frodyce on the male genitalia, usually after puberty, it is a matter of great concern rordyce the penis and can spotw times confuse the untrained eye and appear like genital warts. Treatment is not necessary since it is an anatomical variation and a benign condition.

However, for cosmetic reasons in a distressed frree asian porn, electrodessication, radiofrequency ablation, micro punch spots, 3 or even laser ablation the the offered.

Spots year-old male patient presented with fordyce of multiple whitish growths on the inner aspect of his prepuce since one year.

Fordyce spots

He gave history of an penis heterosexual penovaginal intercourse with an acquaintance a month prior to onset of lesions and attributed the lesions to the sexual exposure. There was no history of genital penis, urethral discharge, skin rash, or swelling in the groins associated with the lesions.

General and systemic examination were spots. Dermatological fordyce revealed multiple, discrete and confluent, whitish yellow, pinhead sized barely elevated papules oenis a glistening surface over the ventral aspect of the mucosal surface of the prepuce proximal to the fordyce Fig. A clinical diagnosis of Fordyce spots was made and the patient reassured. With consent, a punch biopsy of the lesions the done which revealed ectopic sebaceous glands, consistent with a diagnosis spots Fordyce spots Fig.