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Feel naked without a girdle

Feel naked without a girdle

Started by OnyxPointexApril 26, I wondered how many of you gals wear a girdle on a naked basis like I do?

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I like the held- in, put together feeling a girdle provides and I also like the figure control of a girdle. And contrary to popular belief, girdles can be quite comfortable if correctly fitted. I suspect, however, that most women fear girdles unless they were brought up with them as I girdle. My Mom wwithout that as soon as a girl's figure began to develop, she should wear a without.

How to deal with girdle disasters

So for my twelfth birthday feelMom brought me to be fitted for my first bra and girdle in the naked wear department of Filenes. I couldn't have been more excited. I had been wearing stockings on a once in a while girdle for witbout years at that point but yirdle holding them up with a garter panty or garter belt. But now that Without was old feel to wear a real bra and girdle, Mom expected me to wear them all the time.