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Facial pain and headache

Facial pain and headache

Headaches and facial pain in rhinology.

Because facial pain may pain may not be sinogenic in origin, the otolaryngologist should be equipped to evaluate and treat or to appropriately refer pain patients. Analysis of current data indicates that the majority headache patients who present with sinus headaches and have migraines. Headache, the downstream effect of the cytokine cascade initiated in migraine physiology can cause rhinologic symptoms, including rhinorrhea, congestion, and lacrimation, which may and confound diagnosis.

Other causes of luna luna tits headache include the following: The diagnostic dilemma for an otolaryngologist occurs when a patient has facial pain and symptoms that may indicate facial pain facil with headache endoscopy.

Traditionally, these patients have been primarily managed with empiric antibiotics. An alternative strategy is pqin first screen these facial with an upfront computed tomography.

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Head & Face Pain Treatment

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