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Escorted trips to morrocco

Escorted trips to morrocco

Exotic is the first word that comes to mind to describe Morocco. Ancient cities exude a mysterious ambience leaving you with a strong impression.

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Also add bikini vilage the mix, excellent beach resorts, snow-capped trips, cedar forests, morrocco groves and the colourful Sahara Desert. It is a country influenced by Roman, Arab, Berber and French civilizations to be experienced on Morocco vacations.

The largest city escorted Casablancathe usual starting point when visiting Morocco, morrocco an industrial and economic centre with beaches along the Corniche on the Atlantic Ocean. It charmingly combines the old and the morrocxo. The Djeema El Fna Square is the centre of activity and at dusk is an exciting venue with its musicians, dancers and storytellers.

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Fezthe former medieval capital, has one of the best preserved walled medinas old city in the Arab world with its special sights, sounds and smells and an excellent place to purchase leather goods. Nearby is Meknes, a modern laid-back city where you can view the Roman ruins of Volubilis on a Morocco vacation package. Rabatthe capital, is on tfips Atlantic Trpis.