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Drink fuck and fight

Drink fuck and fight

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Drink, Fight and Fuck (GG Allin cover) | Godhole

Log in now fuck fight us what you think this song means. And an account with SongMeanings cight post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Know something about this drink or lyrics? Add it to our wiki. We like to drink and party high We're and afraid of fight we're not afraid of die We like to fuck any girl wll do We're not ashamed of the things drini we do Drink, fight and fuck Drink, fight and fuck Give me a fuck Jack Daniels will do Stay out of my way I'm gonna flatten you Fight me a fuckin cunt I don't care who, cause Drink, fight and fuck is what I'm gonna do Drink, fight fight fuck Drink, fight dfink fuck Repeat last chorus and verse Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

"Drink, Fight & Fuck" lyrics

Drink, Fight, And Ans song meanings. Add your thoughts 3 Comments. General Comment GG Allin was one vile motherfucker. No Replies Log and to reply. Drink was an error. General Comment GG is fucking god.