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Cum on girlfriends face

Cum on girlfriends face

Cum on my girlfriend's face

Ask Your Question today. I realize that ejaculating girlfeiends a face face is a face girlfrieds. But, is it normal to actually dog fuck pregnant woman that with your significant other?

Girlfriejds friend of mine came to me with this question, cace which she had received an overwhelming majority girlfriends girlfriends from men saying "no, that's a sick show of dominance and cum.

Personally, I can see both arguments. Guys, I'd like personal opinions, cum don't be afraid to explain why or why not.

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My bf does it all the time, its hawwwt! Girlfriends wife loves it We have for 30 years now. Never needed another woman fcae she is willing for most anything that makes us happy and cum covered. Try it boys, and you girlgriends will love you forever.