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Come without touching yourself jackpot

Come without touching yourself jackpot

isabella valentine jackpot 1 transcript -

Cum with no hands, light domination where you pick the partner. An extra dose of come and denial. Jackpot is back and yourself than ever! And the best part? yourselg

isabella valentine jackpot 2 transcript

No hands means jackpit hands. In fact, be prepared to sit on jackopt of your hands touching I arouse you from head to toe, preventing you from even TRYING to touch yourself. Think you can handle it? Lie back and relax and let me take nice good care of you.

Come without Touching yourself jackpot

Almost all the suggestions are vanilla with just subtle hints to kink. Just thinking of how this will sound… stimulates you. This recording assumes the listener has already successfully responded to the hands-free cumming trigger in the first Jackpot in jackpot series. It is not necessary to have listened to any other Jackpot sequels, only without first one.

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