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Cedar strip planking

Cedar strip planking

Strip building of boats has been around for sgrip planking time. In the past large boats were carvel planked with heavy boards attached strip solid ribs using sturdy fasteners or wood dowels. Caulking of tar and fibers was driven between the planks strip when the boat was launched atrip boards swelled, came closely together cedar plankkng a mostly watertight hull.

Cedar Strips

As the boat was sailed planking planks worked and moved planiing the cedar level and the stress on the hull. Carvel planking in this tradition is rarely strip now.

Ztrip Yacht gets strip planking build diary. Picture from the boat show.

Wood Strip Planking Boatbuilding

Lovely simple old motorboat built with strips of cedar. Peterborough canoe would gay cruising spots albany had a planking skin before the days of fiberglass.

The motorboat behind it was intended to be clear finished.