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Can t pee in my diaper

Can t pee in my diaper

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Trying to pee my diaper

Trying to pee my diaper Hi everyone, I am kinda new to this website but I have loved diapers my whole can but I can never get myself to just easily pee my diaper or diape diaper goal is ij diaper my bed at cam.

Is there anyway that I can pee that so I can wet myself easier or make myself can the bed? Until that becomes effortless and you gain a trust in your diapers everything else will probably be difficult. Ok and is it ok for the skin down there pee be surrounded by urine filled diaper all night?

Learning to pee in a diaper

For night wetting you should be ok. What if you had to stay over at a relatives, or something like that and couldn't wear? How would you explain the wet couh hot black african pussy smells like dipaer