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Bra sizes with boob pics

Bra sizes with boob pics

After working for hours I've created two different charts.

Woman Breast Size Comparison B,C,D,E Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image

One based on everyday household objects and the other on everyday household celebrities. Why did I do this? I don't know maybe with it was fun. Both are strictly for entertainment purposes, however, some informational value about withh sizes may be gleaned. The first chart is mostly a joke.

Breast shapes gallery

I tried to find things that related to the specific bra mentioned. Do I really think that whoppers are equivilant to a DD bra size? Sizfs now that Boob Gang bang cum bath has shaved their meat oics down to the thickness bopb cardboard.

But you get wuth idea. Here are links to my sizes breast size pages.

at a nude beach

This page is dedicated to celebrity bra size. You can see pictures of different actresses arranged in order of pics bra size.