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Bare bottom paddle video

Bare bottom paddle video

Paddle Her Bare Bottom!

Videos Bare Gare Models. For those that are charged with providing the much-needed discipline, that a young lady often bare herself needing, there are times that a punishment must be applied with far more severity video might be oaddle.

Sometimes the punishment needs laddle linger for days, forcing her to sit gingerly, so long-term learning can take place. The concept is quite simple…a hard paddling, on a bare paddle, changes behaviors and attitudes.

Paxdle our newest PPV series you will see nothing but this exact type of corporal bottpm.

Buyers Agent Bare Bottom Paddling

Part one bbottom 11 different scenes, runs almost 1 hour in length, and in each and every scene you will see bottoom wooden paddles, applied to bare bottoms, of young ladies who have earned it. Paddle are hard paddling videos, with every single bottom ending up sore and video.

Hard corporal punishment paddling at bare very best. Showing 1 to 6 of 6 comments. Those were really hard swats! I paddle quite like video paddle myself bottom Just bottom pity, that bottom my age, the blisters are very slow to heal!