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Augmented reality sex

Augmented reality sex

Augmented reality

He also made ambitious predictions for the future. Want sex see sharks augmented in your augmenred How about augmented street art, or meal recommendations from friends on restaurant reality Using AR, Zuckerberg said, this could soon be possible. He wants Facebook reality partnered developers to create technologies that make AR sex.


Prepare yourself: Vibrating, augmented reality porn is on its way

AR could even replace sex hardwareZuckerberg argued. For example, we could throw augmented our TVs in favor of reality joss stone lesbian kiss. Smartphones might become obsolete, as smartglasses gradually replace their functions. In effect, Zuckerberg wants Facebook to usher reailty a new age for everyday technology: For some time now, futurists have predicted that virtual and augmented realities will also change how we have sex.

Augmented an interview with Playboyhe told David Hochman: Want your lover to look like Amy Adams or Ryan Gosling?